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Jose Martinez


Back in 2007 I was 20 years old working in the field picking up onions and chiles in the New Mexico area, when I heard of a program that would offer some type of training and education to better yourself. I got in contact with the program MET and applied for the assistance and got qualified. When I started my journey, coming from a foreign country not being able to speak, read and understand English I took the challenge. The course I took was Electricity, with the instructor Marcelino, at the same time we were taking English, Math and Computer classes. At the beginning of the course we got some books and electrical tools (which most of them I still have and use on a daily basis). In the course we learned basic electrical skills and got related to the National Electrical Code book, and that was all I needed to pursue my dream. Before the course ended the assistant instructor in the Valle Verde Campus recommended to apply in the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), so I did and got hired. To make a long story short I did my apprenticeship there for 5 years, got my Journeyman license from New Mexico in my third year and my Texas Journeyman License in the 4thyear. Now I have my Electrical contractor and Master Licenses in the state of New Mexico and Texas. In 2016 I was able to open my own electrical company.

Once again I am really thankful for the services you guys offer. With all honesty it wasn’t an easy journey but with Motivation, Education and Training (MET) everything is possible to impact families lives.


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