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The Doucette Family


Patti was determined to find good childcare for her twin daughters, Jessica and Jennifer. They both attended Cleveland Head Start during the '92-'93 school year. Patti volunteered in our Head Start classroom and the girls flourished in our childcare setting. The girls were on a path to educational success!

Jessica and Jennifer continued to excel academically and graduated high school in 2006 in the top 10% of their class. They both continued on to Sam Houston State University and in 2010, graduated with Bachelor's degrees. 

Patti and the twins were grateful for the success our Head Start program had given them and they wanted to give back. 

Patti was employed with MET in 1999 and worked various positions throughout the Head Start Program. Through MET’s encouragement, she continued her education and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education in 2014. 

Jennifer started working at MET in 2012 in the Head Start Program, and in 2016, Jessica joined us in the Finance Department. Patti, Jessica and Jennifer give a lot of credit for their success to the MET programs!


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