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Amairani Rodela Gonzalez


Amairani is a single farmworker who has been supporting herself and two brothers for the past six years. They were dependent on her seasonal farm work salary, which unfortunately was not enough to keep up with the repairs her home desperately needed. Her family had been living in their home since 2016 with no electricity, warm water, or necessary household appliances. They would borrow electricity from a neighbor by running an extension cord between the homes. They would also have to heat water on a stove for bathing.

Amairani was referred to our office by a friend who had received housing rehab assistance through MET’s Housing Program. The friend informed her that MET provided assistance with home repairs to migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

MET was able to come in and update the electrical wiring and plumbing throughout the house, install a water heater, sheetrock and insulation, replace non-functioning doors, and helped install appliances. MET staff focused on providing the family with the most critical repairs needed.

Amairani is incredibly thankful to MET for all of the repairs completed on her family’s home, and states it would not have been possible without their assistance.


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