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The NFJP program partners with community organizations and state agencies to counter the chronic unemployment and underemployment experienced by farmworkers who depend primarily on jobs in agricultural labor performed across the country. The NFJP partners with state monitor advocates to provide services to farmworkers and their families working in agriculture employment.

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This website is designed to inform farmworkers in the United States, as well as in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, of some of the protections extended to them by federal and state labor laws. It contains short, simplified descriptions of job-related laws and regulations which affect agricultural workers, and identifies the agencies responsible for enforcing them. In general, each of the 871 legal provisions summarized in the guide imposes certain duties or restrictions on farm employers for the protection or benefit of their employees, and authorizes penalties against employers who fail to comply. 

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Leyes de Proteccion para el Trbajador Agricola


Este sitio existe para informar a los trabajadores del campo en los Estados Unidos, así como también en el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, de algunas de las protecciones extendidas a ellos bajo las leyes federales y estatales sobre el trabajo. Contiene descripciones breves y simplificadas de las leyes y los reglamentos relacionados con el trabajo que afectan al trabajador agrícola, e identifica las agencias responsables de hacerlas cumplir. Por lo general, cada una de las 871 disposiciones de ley mencionadas en esta guía impone ciertos deberes o restricciones a los patrones agrícolas para la protección o beneficio de sus empleados, y autoriza penas en contra de los patrones que no cumplan.

Leyes de protección para el trabajador agrícola

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national farmworker jobs program

The cornerstone of MET has always been to provide an avenue of self-sufficiency that leads to livable wages for farmworkers.

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AFOP’s National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) is designed to provide occupational health and safety training and resources to the farmworker communities that the AFOP membership serves. Through the work of NFJP the AFOP membership seeks to mitigate the health hazards and safety risks that farm workers are exposed to on a daily basis. Understanding that farm work is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, NFJP as part of the AFOP Health & Safety Programs, strives to empower farmworkers to protect themselves against pesticide and heat stress exposure through health and safety education.  Since 1995, AFOP has partnered with its membership to provide farmworker training on the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Workers (WPS). And, since 2013 AFOP’s NFJP continue to evolve and grow, with a network of over 200 trainers focusing on educating farmworkers about the potentially dangerous effects of pesticides, the importance of protecting oneself against overexposure to heat, and raising awareness about seeking medical attention through the current portfolio of training topics offered.


Motivation, Education and Training, Inc. (MET) is a huge part of AFOP’s NFJP success in the number of farm workers the program is able to reach every year. MET, Inc. contributes 27 trainers to the NFJP network of trainers located in 10 different cities throughout Texas. MET, Inc. assists the program in meeting its yearly training goals and by doing so brings awareness to many of the issues farm workers face from migration, unstable housing, and most recently climate change and the effects on farm workers’ health.


Thanks to the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) AFOP’s network of trainers are able to provide lifesaving skills to over 50,000 farmworkers every year in the United States.  Since 2013-14, MET has trained a total of 32,525 farm workers in Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, and remains committed to empowering the farmworker community through occupational health and safety training.

Program financed 100% with Federal funds of $900,557.00 with 0% nongovernmental funds.

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