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MET provides housing rehabilitation to single family homes for migrant and seasonal farmworkers that meet specific construction standards, building codes, accessibility and energy efficiency.

  • Housing assistance may only be provided to Section 167 eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers.


  • Housing assistance will be permitted for direct support payments for emergency and temporary housing and for direct investments in housing assistance for migrant and seasonal farmworkers at their home base.


  • Housing assistance must be related to the promotion of a farmworker's employment through a documented strategy that supports that farmworker's housing needs while they are employed in agricultural labor or while they are receiving intensive and/or training services. This strategy may be identified through an Individual Employment Plan (IEP).

Program financed 100% with Federal funds of $634,441.00 with 0% nongovernmental funds.

Farmworker Law Library 


This website is designed to inform farmworkers in the United States, as well as in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, of some of the protections extended to them by federal and state labor laws. It contains short, simplified descriptions of job-related laws and regulations which affect agricultural workers, and identifies the agencies responsible for enforcing them. In general, each of the 871 legal provisions summarized in the guide imposes certain duties or restrictions on farm employers for the protection or benefit of their employees, and authorizes penalties against employers who fail to comply. 

Leyes de Prteccion para el Trbajador Agricola


Este sitio existe para informar a los trabajadores del campo en los Estados Unidos, así como también en el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, de algunas de las protecciones extendidas a ellos bajo las leyes federales y estatales sobre el trabajo. Contiene descripciones breves y simplificadas de las leyes y los reglamentos relacionados con el trabajo que afectan al trabajador agrícola, e identifica las agencias responsables de hacerlas cumplir. Por lo general, cada una de las 871 disposiciones de ley mencionadas en esta guía impone ciertos deberes o restricciones a los patrones agrícolas para la protección o beneficio de sus empleados, y autoriza penas en contra de los patrones que no cumplan.

Helping to make homes safer, more energy efficient, and healthier for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. 

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