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Housing Summit Reports:

April 2017

March 2015

November 2013

April 2013

May 2012

Housing Summit March 2015 Presentations:

Rural Business Program

Texas Farmworker Housing

Brazoria Manor

Rural Housing Trends


Housing Summit Nov 2013 Presentations:

Kathy Tyler - "Agenda, Discussion, Did You Know"



Resource Links:

Bowen National Research, Texas Rural Farmworker Housing Analysis, prepared for TDHCA, September 12, 2012

American Public Health Association, Improving Housing for Farmworkers in the United States Is a Public Health Imperative

Housing Assistance Council, Farmworker Housing: Implications for Food Security and Food Safety, Although they help feed America, farmworkers often face substandard conditions and food insecurity at their own tables

National Rural Housing Coalition, The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Overcoming Barriers to Affordable Housing in Rural America (includes farmworker housing examples)



Housing Archived Files.

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